Flash player or streaming:

I have provided two versions of each slide show – Flash Player and Streaming. Pick the one that works the best for you.

Note that some systems such as Apple iPad will not play flash files. Therefore, you should select the Streaming option. Other than that you have a choice.

Why use Flash Player
Better controls and smaller file to download.

Why not use Flash Player
May require a complete download before it begins to play. This could take 10 seconds to over 2 minutes depending on your Internet connection and slide show file size.

Why use Streaming
Slightly better picture quality.
Begins to play after a few seconds of buffering.
Should play on any media player. It is an MP4 format.

Why not use Streaming
Very large files. If you have a slow Internet connection you will see the show stop periodically while it re buffers. This could be very annoying.

What is buffering:
Buffering is the process of loading a media file so that enough of it is on your system to begin playing while the rest of the media file loads. With large media files and slow Internet connections you can experience a stop / start behavior of your playing of a movie.

Help & Tips

Full Page of Text

Read scrollable text in full screen:
If you would prefer to read the text in a full screen, press the expansion symbol to the left of the text scroll window.

All the movies use your default medial players.  This could be Apple QuickTime Player, Windows Media Player, etc.

Viewing photographs:
Photographs are in chronological order (more or less).
View left to right to maintain chronological order.
Click on thumbnail to view larger version.
Certain pages have subsections and are then in chronological order.

Blurred photograph, slide shows or movies?
Make the window that the image appears in slightly smaller.

Do not have a media player or the latest version?
All PCs and Apple products should come pre-loaded with a media player.  Your system should already be set up to use one as it's default.  If you do not have a media player or do not think you have the latest version of your default medial player, below are some handy links to the most popular.

All slide shows and movies have a sound track of music.  So turn up your volume and enjoy my eclectic taste in music.

Flash Player slide show controls:

Bottom thumbnails:
To go directly to a slide click on a thumbnail.
     To go back 7 slides click left arrow.

     To go forward 7 slides click on right arrow

Side controls:
     Speaker symbol - Toggles the sound off and on.
     Left arrow with line (|<) - Goes back one slide.
     Stop / Start (|| / >) - Parallel lines for stop, right arrow for start.
     Right arrow with line (>|) - Goes forward one slide.

Sound volume:
     There may be some variation in the volume of accompanying music.
     Adjust your computer sound control to suit you comfort range.