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Train Scenery - Buildings & Other Structures

Six eyes, a bunch of lights & occasional fat fingers.

Where all structures get built.
A good deal of time & many techniques are used to apply mortar to stone and brick.

Applying mortar with light weight spackle containing some paint mixed in.

Another spackle example
Thinned paint wash is the easiest way.
More use of thinned paint.
Thinned rust dripped and then rubbed on metal roofing & siding.
Example of cheap IHC signal bridge kit using all targets & custom painting.  Prototype - NO!  Cool looking - YES!

Plain homemade tunnel portal.

The pier sides are skewered balsa wood, dow rods & ballast glued at bottom for barnacles.
Another good example of mortar.


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 Building From Kits:
 Scratch Building:
Example of a kit made primarily out of cardboard and wood.
Close up of pier side notice tie downs made with 2 sizes of dow rods.
Example of Cambell wood kits.
 Coal Barge Scratch Build Project:
Soccer stadium made for balsa wood and plastic rods.

Below is the largest scratch build structure I have done.  Note, text is to right of photo.

Design I did with Cadrail. Went from concept to blueprint.

Purchased parts. Plastic railings, supports, rods, I beams & sheets.

Purchased parts. Tires.

Fabricating inserts for barge's holds.

Hull base and sides assembled.

Cut out space for deck to have holds inserted.

Hull base and sides ready for assembly.

Made the base and sides for the hull.

Close-up of assembled hull.

Deck inserted in hull.

Holds inserted into deck cutouts.

Close up of holds .

Deck with cutout for holds.

Individual holds fabricated for each cutout in deck.

Barge's stern or rear.

Fabricated parts for forward pilot house and bridge.

 Coal Barge - The Finished Product:

Complete view from starboard (right hand) side.

View from bow or front.

Bridge & wheelhouse - rear view. Notice lighting.

Bridge & wheelhouse - side rear view. Notice activity in wheelhouse

Bridge & wheelhouse - full view. Notice activity in living quarters.

Forward pilot house. Notice lighting and activity.


Starboard view.

Long view from bow.