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Train Animation

Tower Cranes for building skyscraper in Modern Anglo European section.

Wheeled hammerhead cranes used in switch yard.

Hammerhead crane in steel plant.

Wheeled hammer head cranes used in Wharf.
Motor assembly used to rotate crane.
View of motor assemble mounted under table.
Small ground up & down prototype.
Another view of prototype.  Notice sand resistor used to regulate power / speed.

European village hot air balloons.

Police helicopter in East Coast City.
Biplanes Modern Anglo European city.
Elevator in vertical mine.  It even has lights.

Assembly controlling up and movement of elevator.  Long thin rod bends as it is moved out & up.

Street sign has every other bulb flash alternately.

  Flashers & Control Mechanism:

Crossing signal lights flash on alternately.
Power supply putting out 12 & 5 VDC current & regulating 5 VDC alternating flashing bulbs.

Schematic of flasher circuit for driving multiple signals.


  Large Rotating Cranes:

  Aerial Vertical Hot Air Balloon:

  Aerial Rotating Objects:

Surplus motor used crane motor assembly.  May have been used for car mirror control.

Schematic of motor assembly used for rotating surface objects.
Hot air balloon raises & lowers at park in Modern Anglo European City.
Surplus slow rotation motor used in mechanism.
Schematic of mechanism for raising  & lowering.  Because balloon is heavy, no weight is needed at bottom.
There are a number of objects that rotate just below the drop ceiling.

  Animation At Ground Level:

Schematic of up & down mechanism.
Many HO construction vehicles come with hinged hoes, scoops, etc.  I use a small slow speed motor for short up & down movement.
Some animation is simply a slow rotation such as for this farm horse.

Small ground rotation prototype.

Another view of prototype.  This sand resistor is on the bottom of the mechanism.

Schematic of rotation mechanism.

Another type requires a slow back and forth movement, typically for any type of vehicle.  This mechanism had not been prototyped yet, but should work.  At the top or at ground level would be a vehicle with a slide bar between it's axles and body.

Schematic of back & forth mechanism.  Vehicle goes at top right .

Picture of flexible actuator cable.

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Operational Video:

Operational Video:

Operational Video:

Operational Video:

Operational Video:

Operational Video:

  Animation In Structures:

Operational Video:

Some structure kits are made for animation. They contain small AC motors that allow parts of the structure to rotate while in either horizontal and vertical positions.

Rocket ride.

Cement factory barrel mixer


Cement factory barrel mixer.

'N' scale merry-go-round.

'N' scale swing ride.

'N' scale boat swing ride.