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Train Electronics - Automation

Circuit using the MK111 adjustable interval timer by Velleman, Inc.
Circuit design.
Both sidings are completely isolated.
Circuit uses sticking or latching relays.  Position is, therefore, remembered when power is turned off.
Circuit design.

Switch Track Control For Dual Sidings With Mainline:

  Independent Operating Sidings:

  Dual Sidings Operating On Mainline:

  Stop / Start Control:

Cut in both ends of siding with diode under table connecting both sections of cut track.

Circuit design.
Magnetic reed switch provides momentary connection when magnet under train passes over.
Top view of turnout / switch track with plastic rod sticking through.  See white point.

Side view of "spring block."

Switch track are controlled with a homemade spring mechanism and not electronically.

View from under the table.

Allows a train to stop at one or more point on a mainline, wait for a period of time and restart. Typically used at a train station, trolley stop or freight station.

Small train runs back and forth on a dedicated siding. Train could be individual or paired trolley or switcher and one or two cars.

Circuit using the MK111 adjustable interval timer by Velleman, Inc. & dedicated power supply for locomotive & timer.

Two sidings connected to a mainline operate in concert with each other. One train enters its dedicated siding, stops & then the other train starts making a complete loop, returning to it's dedicated siding. Then the cycle repeats all over again. Typically used for longer freight or passenger trains.

Block detection provided by magnetic reed switch creating momentary connection.


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Operational Video:

Operational Video:

Operational Video:

Signal Light Video:

  Automatic Signal Lights:

Schematic of flasher circuit for driving multiple pairs of target signals in opposition to each other.

Homemade target signal using left over target, dow rod, grain of wheat bulbs & balsa wood.

Circuit used to feed pairs of target signals. 

The signals are used for the dual sidings and change as trains enterer and leave respective sidings.


Target signals in place for paired sidings.

Other type of target signals in place for paired sidings.