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Train Scenery Mountains, Ground, Water and Rocks

I begin with wood 1x2, 1x4 & tunnel portals outlining outer portions of mountain.

Then make more detailed outline and shape using heavy gauge wire.
Next screening material is fixed to the outline using small gauge wire for ties.
This is an example of a section ready for the next step. 
Next I apply a single layer of casting material over the wire mesh.
Next I apply small amounts of quick drying plaster.
I use Pop Art Plaster of Paris. Cheaper by case loads from an art supply wholesaler.
I use rubber molds from Woodland Scenics and plain old plaster.
After the castings are in place, I then apply multiple coats of stain.
I use thinned black to highlight the crevices.

Close up look.

I use Woodland Scenics Turf to get that 3 dimensional look.

I also use Woodland Scenics grass matts, Heki hedge rows & matte board for  sidewalks.
Here is an example of home made "Jersey barriers" & a rock walls.
I have attempted to make my own molds, but it is easier to just buy them.

I use regular and dental plaster (dental sets quicker)purchased from an art supply wholesaler.

Stain plaster

Glue rock castings using Liquid Nails to mountain sides.
Fill gaps with plaster
Stain plaster & rocks.

Apply ground cover

Place trees & bushes.  

More grass and sidewalks.

The Jersey barrier is 2 pieces of shaped balsa wood filed, glued & painted.
The rock wall is fish bowl base glued with Liquid Nails onto curved matte board.


Top - center original sheet of bricks
Right - mold made out of latex rubber
Bottom center - plaster cast of bricks


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